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Name and Details Photograph Other Info.
Al Tabor (UK)     
Charles Taggart (UK)     
Harry Tait (UK)     
Wally Talbot (UK)     
Eric Tann (UK)     
Bob Tanner (UK)     
Bobby Tate (UK)     
Carl Tauber (UK)     
Bert Taylor (UK)     
Bill Taylor (UK)     
Fred Taylor (UK)     
George Taylor (UK)     
Irene Taylor (UK)     
Lilian Taylor (UK)     
Maurice Taylor (UK)     
Pat Taylor (UK)     
Ronnie Taylor (UK)     
Ted Taylor (UK)     
William Taylor (UK)     
Norman Teel (UK)     
Nat Temple (UK)     

Beryl Templeman (UK/India) Singer Beryl Templeman was born in Poona and after spending most of her early life in England, returned to India just before WWII for a short holiday and stayed for seven years! She won an amateur talent contest in Bombay and was subsequently signed up by bandleader Ken Mac to sing with his band. She made about 60 recordings with the band as well as performing at top night-spots such as Green's Hotel and the Taj Mahal Hotel. She was then given her own radio show, broadcasting fortnightly over the All-India networks and becoming the Forces Favourite of the East. After a two-year tour of the whole of India, Batavia, Hong-Kong and Singapore, she returned to England, sang at one of the swing sessions at the London Palladium and then signed up to sing with Roy Fox's post-war band.

Alec Templeton (UK)     
Billy Ternant (UK)     
Roy Terry (UK)     
Bill Tesky (UK)     
Phyllis Thackray (UK)     
Al Thomas (UK)     
Barry Thomas (UK)     
Bert Thomas (UK)     
Bert Thomas (UK)     
Dave Thomas (UK)     
Eddie Thomas (UK)     
Emlyn Thomas (UK) Emlyn Thomas led a band at the London Club in the early to mid 1920s, a photo of which appears here. The players so far identified in the photo are:
Back Row: Fred North (trombone); unknown (drums); Fred Cooke (piano); unknown (tuba); Emlyn Thomas (violin/leader); 2 unknown french horn players.
Front Row: Billy Bell (banjo); 2 unidentified trumpet players, one of which is probably Jay Elms; Jay Wilbur (piano); George Clarkson (sax); Nat Star (sax); unknown (sax).
Emlyn Thomas London Band.jpg (120347 bytes)  
Les Thomas (UK)     
Les Thomas (UK)     
Les Thomas (UK)     
Ronald Thomas (UK)     
Art Thompson (UK)     
Billy Thompson (UK)     
Fred Thompson (UK)     
Harry Thompson (UK)     
Harry Thompson (UK)     
Leslie Thompson (UK/Jamaica)     
Bill Thomson (UK)     
Sam Thomson (UK)     
T. Thomson (UK)     
Billy Thorburn (UK) Pianist, arranger, composer and bandleader - Timeline:
The Savoy Orpheans (at the Savoy Hotel) March 1924 - December 1926
The Sylvians  (at the Savoy Hotel)                January 1927 - April 1927
The Savoy Orpheans (at the Savoy Hotel) October 1929 - December 1929
Sydney Kyte & his Band (at the Piccadilly Hotel)  October 1931 - June 1932
Jack Payne and his Band    June 1932 - February 1935
Manager of Jack Payne's Band    March 1935 - ?Oct 1936
Leader of own band        October 1936 -  

Billy is also shown as the pianist in Jay Wilbur's band from October 1928 until late 1933. Wilbur directed the house band for Dominion (October 1928-March 1930), then for Crystalate (Imperial, Victory, Rex, Eclipse & Crown records). Whilst his presence on most of the Dominions and many of the subsequent records is likely, I suspect he would have little time available for "outside work" once a member of Jack Payne's band in June 1932, so his presence on Wilbur's recordings after that date must be viewed as suspect. The question remains, however as to which bands Billy Thorburn was playing with (apart from the brief spell with the revived Savoy Orpheans) between Spring 1927 and Autumn 1931.
Billy's own band was usually called "The Organ, The Dance Band and Me" and was hugely popular throughout WWII and beyond, making hundreds of recordings for Parlophone.

Billy Thorburn, 1936 sm.jpg (39789 bytes)  
Les Thorn (UK)     
Leslie Thorn (UK)     
Donald Thorne (UK)     
Harry Thorne (UK)     
John Thorne (UK)     
Frank Thornton (UK)     
John Thorpe (UK)     
Tony Thorpe (UK)     
Three Boys And A Girl (UK)     
The Three Ginx (UK)     
The Three In Harmony (UK)     
The Three J's (UK)     
The Three New Yorkers (UK)     
The Three Sisters (UK)     
The Three T's (UK)     
Thomas (T.W.) Thurban (UK) 
Tommy Thurban was born in London in 1874, he had a reputation to be able to play every instrument of the orchestra and was violin-leader at the Oxford Music Hall for 15 years prior to World War 1. He wrote a number of ragtime-styled pieces from 1899 and over the next few years and also a light orcherstral work "Suite Americana" which remained in the Brass band repertoire right up into the 1970s. He only made two recordings himself: two novelty ballroom pieces for Regal in 1920, with an orchestra. At the start of the 1930s, at an age when many may be considering retirement, he became Musical Director of the London Coliseum and also took a great interest in the Piano-Accordion. He started the Piano-Accordion section in "Rhythm" magazine in December 1935 and remained its technical editor until the magazine folded in 1939.
Frank Thurston (UK)     
Fred Thurston (UK)     
Tom Tierney (UK)     
Jack Tilney (UK)     
Cliff Timms (UK)     
Tom Timothy (USA)     
The Tin Pan Alley Trio (UK)     
Bernard Tipping (UK)     
Frank Titterton (UK)     
Bertie Tobias (UK)     
Peter Tomkins (UK)     
Tony's Red Aces (UK) 
Tony's Red Aces were formed in 1934 and directed by saxophonist Eddie Carney. The band was resident at Tony's Ballroom in Birmingham, which was situated behind the Hippodrome theatre in Hurst Street. The ballroom itself was on Inge Street. A contemporary report described the band as youthful and including 14-year-old Stanley Rawlings "who, besides possessing a glorious soprano voice, can play a dozen instruments." In the photograph (see right), it is believed Rawlings is the young man on the far right, sitting at the organ. . The band broadcast regularly on the BBC and made records, though these were probably not issued commercially; the family have copies and one is reported to be "Ain't Misbehavin'". The Red Aces concentrated on melody and rarely played "hot". The dance floor at Tony's was not large, but there was plenty of seating and it was quite usual to find many people, including the more elderly, just sitting and enjoying the music rather than dancing. The band continued in existence until at least World War II.
The Top Hatters (UK)     
Sidney Torch (UK)     
Albert Torrance (UK)     
Edith Townsend (UK)     
W. Townsend (UK)     
Cliff Townshend (UK)     
Frank Trafford (UK)     
Jack Trafford (UK)     
Jack Trebble (UK)     
Bruce Trent (UK)     
Bill Trethowan (UK)     
Ann Trevor (UK)     
Charles Trimbey (UK)     
Bill Tringham (UK)     
Hugh Tripp (UK)     
Phil Trix (UK)     
Pasquale Troise (UK)     
Maurice Tronny (UK)     
Jimmy Trowbridge (UK)    
Anton Tschaikov (UK)     
Ben Tucker (UK)     
Ken Tucker (UK)     
Billy Turnbull (UK)     
Jimmy Turnbull (UK)     
Jack Turner (UK)     
Jack Turner (UK)     
Harry Turoff (UK)     
The Twelve Bon-Ton Babes (UK)     
W.H. Tyers (UK)     
Fred Underhaye (UK)     
Jock Underwood (UK)     
Alec Ure (UK)     
Eddie Ursell (UK)     
William Urwin (UK)     
Sgt W. Valentine (UK)     
Rudy Vallee (USA)     
Alf Van Dam (UK)     
Alma Vane (UK)     
Alf Van Straten (UK)     
Joe Van Straten (UK)     
Leon Van Straten (UK)     
Harry Varley (UK)     
Leo Vauchant (France)     
Dick Vaughan (UK)     
Stuart Vaughan (UK)     
Georgette Vedey (UK)     
Julian Vedey (UK)     
Emil Vella (UK)     
Tommy Venn (UK)     
C. Venner (UK)     
Wally Vernon (UK)     
The Vernons (UK)     
Arthur Verrey (UK)     
William Vick (UK)     
Norman Vickers (UK)     
Guy Victor (UK) Pseudonym on Imperial for singer Maurice Elwin (q.v.)    
Teddy Vide (UK)     
Hal Vidler (UK)     
Doreen Villiers (UK)     
Arthur Viney (UK)     
Edward Vito (UK)     
Victor Vorzanger (UK)