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Name and Details Photograph Other Info.
Bob Fairweather (UK)     
Lionel Falkman (UK)     
Turiddu Fama (UK)     
Clem Faraci (UK)     
Eddie Farge (UK)     
Jay Farley (UK)     
Will Farley Jr (UK)     
E. Farrar (UK)     
Jean Farrar (UK)     
Sonny Farrar (UK)     
Theo Farrar (UK)     
Billy Farrell (UK)     
Billy Farrell (UK)     
Bobby Farrell (UK)     
Charles Farrell (UK)     
Jack Farrell (UK)     
Les Farrell (UK)     
Les Farrell (UK)     
Haydn Fawcett (UK)     
Harry Fay (UK)     
Jewel Faye (UK)     
Eddie Fearn (UK)     
Sid Fearn (UK)     
Fred Fearnside (UK)     
Buddy Featherstonehaugh (UK)     
Dan Feiler (UK)     
Arthur Fenoulhet (UK)     
Paul Fenoulhet (UK)     
W. Fennel (UK)     
Andrew Fenner (UK)     
Al Fenton (UK)     
Alan Ferguson (UK)     
George "Miff" Ferrie (UK)     
Joe Ferrie (UK)     
Vernon Ferry (US/UK)     
Clinton Ffrench (UK)     
Alf Field (UK)     
Harry Field (UK)     
Peter Fielding (UK)     
Tommy fields (UK)     
George Fierstone (UK)     
Bernard Filer (UK)     
Len Fillis (UK) Born in 1903, Leonard Milford grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. In 1923 he moved to London with his pianist Edgar Adeler and worked with Jack Hylton's "Kit-Cat" band and Fred Elizalde at the Savoy Hotel playing plectrum banjo.
    He later changed to tenor and worked in both Britain and Australia.   He is credited with writing nearly a 100 compositions and played what were described as  muted "Hot" single-string choruses. It is understood that he moved back to South Africa in 1937, but he was in Australia in 1938 where he made some recordings in Sydney for Regal Zonophone.
Vic Filmer (UK)     
Arthur Finch (UK)     
Harry Finch (UK)     
Horace Finch (UK)     
Herman Finck (UK)     
Bob Findlay (UK)     
Budy Fine (UK)     
Joe Finkel (UK)     
Johnny Finnerman (UK)     
Herb Finney (UK)     
Bert Firman (UK)     
John Firman (UK)     
Sid Firman (UK)     
Arthur Fish (UK)     
Dave Fish (UK)     
Doug Fisher (UK)     
George Fisher (UK)     
Harry Fisher (UK)     
Pat Fisher (UK)     
Charles "Gerry" Fitzgerald (Canada/UK)     
The Five Omega Collegians (UK)     
Bud Flanagan (UK)     
Len Flark (UK)     
Mick Flaum (UK) see Michael Flome.    
Stan Flaum (UK)     
Brick Fleagle (UK)     
Bert Fleet (UK)     
Jock Fleming (UK)     
Charles Fletcher (UK)     
Guy Fletcher (UK)     
Jack Fletcher (UK)     
Lieut. John Fletcher (UK)     
Michael Flome (UK)     
George Flynn (UK) Trombonist George "Jock" Flynn came to prominence during the early years of WWII, joining Oscar Rabin's band in late 1941 and staying for over a year before joining the Skyrockets (No. 1 Balloon Centre Dance Orch) under Paul Fenoulhet's direction. George was also in demand for free-lance work on radio and records, and was a member of  the band assembled to record as Josephine Bradley's Jive Rhythm Orchestra in 1943, many of which were from the Skyrockets. He emigrated to Canada in 1953.
Thanks to George's daughter, Claire Foster, for the information.
Howard Flynn (UK)     
Wally Foggle (UK)     
Bobby Foley (UK)     
Tony Fones (UK)     
Reginald Foort (UK)     
Jack Forbes (UK)     
Alan Ford (UK)     
Brylo Ford (UK)     
Jack Ford (UK)     
Ted Ford (UK)     
Al Foreman (UK)     
Arthur Foreman (UK)     
Reginald Foresythe (UK)     
Ivor Forsello (UK)     
Jimmy Foresyth (UK)     
Doug. Foss (UK)     
Jack Foss (UK)     
Harry Foster (UK)     
Sid Foster (UK)     
Teddy Foster (UK)     
Arthur Fottrella (UK)     
The Four Musketeers (UK)     
The Four Smith Brothers (UK)     
The Four Spades (UK)     
William Fowler (UK)     
Fred Fox (UK)     
Roy Fox (US/UK) Cornettist-leader Roy Fox was born in Denver, Colorado and came to Britain on a short contract to play at the Cafe de Paris. Although the band he brought with him made little impression, Roy was invited to stay and form a band to play at  the newly opened Monseigneur restaurant and to assist Decca in improving their recordings. This he did and his star-studded band was an immediate success. Following an illness in 1932, Roy left the restaurant and formed a new band (with the exception of trumpeter Sid Buckman) to play at the Cafe Anglais. From there he moved to the Kit-Kat and subsequently toured for some years, before his illness (pleurisy) struck again and he disbanded in 1938 and then went to Australia. Due to the wartime restrictions, he had to return to America, but returned to Britain afterwards, but never regained his pre-war popularity.  Roy Fox.jpg (20764 bytes)

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Harry Francis (UK)     
Ben Frankel (UK)     
Alan Franks (UK)     
Alfred Franks (UK)     
Aubrey Franks (UK)     
Les Franks (UK)     
Sammy Freed (UK)     
Harry Freedman (UK)     
Paul Freedman (UK)     
Alen Fredman (UK)     
Eddie Freeman (UK)     
Frank Freeman (UK)     
Louis Freeman (UK)     
Alex Freer (UK)     
Eddie Frizell (UK)     
Buster Frogley (UK)     
Dave Frost (UK)     
A. Frydman (UK)     
Johnny Frytag (UK)     
Bert Fuller (UK)     
Jesse Fuller (UK)     
Dave Fullerton (UK)