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Name and Details Photograph Other Info.
J. Woof Gaggs (UK)     
Tommy Gaggs (UK)     
Cyril Gaida (UK)     
Barney Galbraith (UK)     
Lionel Gamlin (UK)     
Freddy Gardner (UK)     
Marcel Gardner (UK)     
Cliff Garlick (UK)     
Cyril Garner (UK)     
George Garnet (UK)     
Ron Garrison (UK)     
Billy Gaskin (UK)     
Steve Gauna (UK)     
George Gaynor (UK)     
T. E. Geering (UK)     
Geoffrey Gelder (UK)     
Harry Geller (UK)     
Harold Geller (UK)     
Sam Gelsley (UK)     
Ronnie Genarder (UK)     
E. George (UK)     
Georgina (UK)     
Ken Geragham (UK)     
The Geraldettes (UK)     
Geraldo (Gerald Bright) (UK)    
Geraldo Ramblers (UK)     
Harry Gerard (UK)     
Billy Gerhardi (UK)     
Carroll Gibbons (UK)     
George Gibbs (UK)     
Styx Gibling (UK)     
Art Gibson (UK)     
Fred Gibson (UK)     
Freddy Gibson (UK)     
George Gibson (UK)     
Henry Gibson (UK)     
Joe Gibson (UK)     
Geoffrey Gilbert (UK)     
Leslie Gilbert (UK)     
Max Gilbert (UK)     
Tom Gilbert (UK)     
Barney Gilbraith (UK)      
Alfred Gill (UK)     
Jack Gill (UK)     
Burton Gillis (UK)     
Fred Gilmore (UK)     
Arthur Gleghorn (UK)     
Harry Glen (UK)     
Bill Glover (UK)     
George Glover (UK)    
Walter Glynne (UK)     
------- Godard (UK)     
Henry Godard (UK)     
Frank Goddard (UK)     
Jack Goddard (UK)     
Howard Godfrey (UK)    
Walter Goehr (UK)     
Reg Goff (UK)     
H. Gold (UK)     
Harry Gold (UK)     
Dave Goldberg (UK)     
Kay Goldberg (UK)     
Max Goldberg (UK)     
Len Goldsmith (UK)     
Len Goldsmith (UK)     
Lou Goldsmith (UK)     
Ralph Goldsmith (UK)     
Gus Goldstein (UK)     
Bruts Gonella (UK)     
Nat Gonella (UK)    
Denis Gonet (UK)     
Coleridge Goode (UK)     
George Goode (UK)     
Geoffrey Goodhart (UK)    
Phil Goodman (UK)     
Phil Goody (UK)     
Leon Goossens (UK)     
Marie Goossens (UK)     
Sidonie Goossens (UK)     
Albert Gordon (UK)     
Harry Gordon (UK)     
Jack Gordon (UK)     
Jimmy Gordon (UK)     
W.E. Gordon-Walker (UK)     
Jacques Gorowski (UK)     
Stan Gosling (UK) 
Little is known about trumpeter Stan Gosling's career, but he held down a few plum jobs in London's West End in the 1920s. As a young man he worked as a steward on various ships on the trans-Atlantic service, including the RMS Majestic of the White Star Line.  At some point he seems to have also taken on the job of ship board "Bugler".  It is thought he may have also done a short stint in the navy right the end of WW I.

The Rust & Forbes' Discography of British Dance Bands shows that Stan recorded with the following bands:
Don Parker and his Band (at the Piccadilly Hotel & Kit-Cat Club) - 1925-26 (recorded for Vocalion)
Fred Spinelly and his Lido Venice Band (at the Lido Club) - 1927-28 (recorded for Edison Bell)
Syd Roy's Lyricals (touring Britain, Australia and Germany) 1928-1930 (recorded for Imperial, Broadcast and Ultraphon). Stan may have played on the band's recordings during 1927 whilst they were playing at the Cafe de Paris and Cafe Anglais in London. He is shown in the discography as playing trombone on some of the band's records of that period, though I don't know the source for this information.
After his playing and touring days, Stan settled in Southampton and worked as a shipwright.  He continued playing trumpet his whole life, passing away in 1974.
My thanks to Stan Gosling's great-nephew, Paul Sarjeant for the information and the photograph.

Harry Goss (UK)     
Jimmy Goss (UK)     
Frank Gough (UK)     
Garry Gowan (UK)     
Sidney Gowan (UK)     
Claud Grant (UK)     
Freddy Grant (UK)     
Sid Grant (UK)     
Cyril Grantham (UK)     
Stephane Grappelly (UK)     
Eddie Grasse (UK)     
Oscar Grasso (UK)     
Alf Gray (UK)     
Barry Gray (UK)     
Harry Gray (UK)     
Johnny Gray (UK)     
Ken Gray (UK)     
Les Gray (UK)     
Peter Gray (UK)     
C. Grayson (UK)     
Jack Greaves (UK)     
Alan Green (UK)     
Basil Green (UK)     
Bert Green (UK)     
Dave Green (UK)     
Ernie Green (UK)     
Harry Green (UK)     
Jackie Green (UK)     
Johnny Green (UK)     
Len Green (UK)    
Paula Green (UK)     
Phil Green (UK)    
Warwick Green (UK)     
Hyam Greenbaum (UK)     
Dave Greenberg (UK)     
The Greene Sisters (UK)     
Stan Greening (UK) In the 1920s Stan Greening was responsible for hundreds of dance band recordings for a number of different record labels, such as Imperial, Columbia, Regal, Mimosa, HMV, Parlophone, Edison Bell Winner and Duophone. A classically trained Cellist, Stan chose the banjo for dance band work, playing not only on all of his own recordings, but on many of those directed by Nat Star as well. When studio pick-up dance bands fell out of favour in the 1930s, Stan continued his career playing in various theatre and symphony orchestras until his retirement in the early 1960s.

More information and some rare pictures

Cyril Greenland (UK)     
Norton Greenop (UK)     
Fred Greenslade (UK)     
Ben Greenwood (UK)     
Bill Greenwood (UK)     
Clifford Greenwood (UK)     
Jack Greenwood (UK)     
T. Greenwood (UK)     
Frank Gregori (UK)     
Art Gregory (UK) Saxophonist Art Gregory played at many venues in London and around the country in the late 1920s & 1930s. In 1929 & 1930 he was at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden with his St Louis Band. In the early 1930s he and his band were at the Locarno Dance Hall on Streatham Hill. According to his letterhead he also played at  the Astoria, Charing Cross; Murray's Club; the Casani Club; Femina Club and the Florida Club as well as many places outside of London. He was musical director for Santos Casani in 1936.
By the start of 1940 Art & his band were playing at Murray's Club and were also at the Astoria while Joe Loss was in France in late January to February 1940. At this period the personnel (as given in Melody Maker January 20th, 1940) was
T. Simpson (tpt); T. Waring, B. Houston & T. Harrison (saxes); Walter Wild (piano); P. Winning (bass); Roy Haracre (drums); and Sidney Lewis (vocals). (The same issue of Melody Maker mentions "past successes at the Paramount Salon" which could be the same at the Paramount Ballroom mentioned below.)
The start of the Second World War found Art at the Paramount Ballroom (possibly the one in Tottenham Court Road) before becoming part of ENSA. Art Gregory died in 1970.

My thanks to
Mark Gregory (Art's son) for providing the above information
Art Gregory.jpg (13363 bytes) Art Gregory & his St Louis Band (Leicester).jpg (125724 bytes)
Art Gregory & his St Louis Band at Leicester -possibly late 1920s
Tom Gregory (UK)     
Ted Gregson (UK)     
Ivan Grey (UK)     
Ken Grieff (UK)     
Hal Griff (UK)     
------------ Griffiths (UK)     
Herbert Griffiths (UK)     
Emile Grimshaw jr (UK)     
Freddie Grisewood (UK)     
Eddie Gross-Bart (UK)    
Eddie Grosso (UK)     
Bert Groves (UK)     
Olive Groves (UK)     
Frank Guerente (UK)     
Nat Gubbins (UK)     
Ronnie Gubertini (UK)     
Eddie Gurey (UK)     
Bert Gutsell (UK)     
Leslie Gwilt (UK)     
Gypsy Nina (UK)