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Name and Details Photograph Other Info.
Dick Sadleir (UK)     
Francis Salabert (UK)     
James Sale (UK)     
Arthur Salisbury (UK)     
Mickey Salmons (UK)     
J. Samehtini (UK)     
Milton Samuels (UK)     
Bobby Sanders (UK)     
Arthur Sandford (UK)     
Joe Sargent (UK)     
Leslie Sarony (UK)     
The Sarony Three (UK)     
Frenchie Sartell (UK)     
J. Eric Saunders (UK)     
Mervyn Saunders (UK)     
Harry Saville (UK)     
Jack Saville (UK)     
The Savoy Havana Band (UK)     
The Savoy Orpheans (UK)     
Billy Sawford (UK). Born 25th December 1903, died 27th November 1982. Pianist Billy Sawford was a member of  the Embassy Six, which won "The Era" Dance Band Contest which took place at the Astoria Dance Salon, on 8th April 1927. The adjudicators for the contest were Percival Mackey, Ronnie Munro and Debroy Somers.    
Sid Sax (UK)     
Charles W. Saxby (UK)     
Al Saxon (UK)     
Jack Sayers (UK)     
Eddie Schaff (UK)     
Harold Schofield (UK)     
Eddie Schultz (UK)     
Alfred Schuoff (UK)     
William Schutz (UK)     
Freddie Schweitzer (UK)     
Enrico Scoma (UK)     
Billy Scott (UK)     
Elizabeth Scott (UK)     
Jocj Scott (UK)     
W. Scott (UK)     
Billy Scott-Coomber (UK)     
George Scott Wood (UK)     
Scovell & Wheldon (UK)     
Harry Sculthorpe (UK)     
Mickey Seidman (UK)     
------- Seigel (UK)     
Allan Selby (UK)     
Ronnie Selby (UK)     
George Senior (UK)     
Syd Seymour (UK)     
Bill Shakespeare (UK)     
Lloyd Shakespeare (UK)     
Harry Shalson (UK)     
Dave Shand (UK)     
Cyril Shane (UK)     
Jimmy Shankland (UK)     
George Shannan (UK)     
Cedric Sharpe (UK)     
Sammy Sharpe (UK)     
Al Shaw (UK) Banjo and guitar player. Al Shaw's first known recordings are with Jay Whidden. Shaw replaced Barry Lindhorn in May 1927 and stayed with Whidden until late 1929. According to the British Dance Bands discography (Rust & Forbes) he recorded one session also for Marius B. Winter in late Dec 1928 or early Jan 1929. Whether he was a regular member of Winter's band at this time is not yet known.
        During 1930 he played at the Bat Club in a band lead by saxophonist Arthur Hetherington. The band included (at various times) well known pianists Barry Mill, Bobby McGee and Bert Barnes. The Melody Maker lists Shaw as playing banjo, guitar and cello.
      In the first half of 1931, Al Shaw played guitar in the band Roy Fox created for the Decca company. This was essentially a studio band, though they may have appeared publicly, supporting the gentle cornet playing of Roy Fox.
       Early 1930s Melody Makers list Al Shaw as leader of a band at the "Not" restaurant (part of the Cafe Anglais) in London.
        A photograph in Melody Maker for November 30th 1935 shows Shaw in the small band backing singer Val Rosing, recording for Columbia earlier that month as The Radio Rhythm Rascals. The other members of the band were Pat Dodd, piano; Len Fillis, guitar; and Don Stuteley, bass.
       A Radio Pictorial for 1937, from whence comes the main photograph on the right, includes a broadcast for Radio Luxembourg of "Al Shaw and his Strings", but doesn't describe exactly what instrumentation of orchestra this was.
Al Shaw, 1937, RP.jpg (41119 bytes)  
Bertie Shaw (UK)     
Henry Shaw (UK)     
Lynne Shaw (UK)     
Tom Shaw (UK)     
Sandra Shayne (UK)     
George Shearing (UK)     
Jack Sheehan (UK)     
Eddie Sheldon (UK)     
Anne Shelton (UK)     
Charles Shephard (UK)     
Mark Sheridan (UK)     
Harry Sherman (UK)     
Len Shevill (UK)     
Flash Shields (UK)     
Jack Shields (UK)     
Joey Shields (UK)     
Judy Shirley (UK)     
Charlie Short (UK)     
Eric Siday (UK)     
S. Silcox (UK)     
John Silver (UK)     
Rube Silver (UK)     
Ted Silverman (UK)     
Phil Silverstone (UK)     
The Silvertones (UK)     
Ralph Silvester (UK)     
Victor Silvester (UK)     
Cherry Simmonds (UK)     
Louis Simmonds (UK)     
Jack Simmons (UK)     
Sid Simmons (UK)     
Simone (UK)     
Dave Simons (UK)     
Ted Simpkins (UK)     
Jack Simpson (UK)     
Jimmy Simpson (UK)     
Percy Simpson (UK)     
Teddy Sinclair (UK)     
Harry Singer (UK)     
The Singing Troubadour (UK)     
Barney Singleton (UK)     
Ken Sirnett (UK)     
Basil Skinner (UK)     
Ben Skinner (UK)     
Frank Skinner (UK)     
Archie Slavin (UK)     
Ebenezer Slydel (UK)     
Don Small (UK)     
A.V. Smallwood (UK)     
Charles D. Smart (UK)     
Maurice Smart (UK) Piano-Accordionist Maurice (born Maurice Frohlick in 1913) played for Al Collins' band during much of 1944 and the start of 1945. He is believed to have gone AWOL from the Merchant Navy in 1944 and it may this job may have had something to do with it.     
Harry Smead (UK) Saxophonist Harry Smead was based in Edinburgh in the early 1930s and made a few records for the Glasgow-based Great Scott record company.    
Roy Smeck (UK)     
Bill Smiles (UK)     
Nelson Smiles (UK)     
Bert Smith (UK)     
Billy Smith (UK)     
Bob Smith (UK)     
Bob Smith (UK)     
Cecil Smith (UK)     
Charles Smith (UK)     
Chester Smith (UK)     
Chick Smith (UK)     
Curt Smith (UK)     
Dick Smith (UK)     
Ernie Smith (UK)     
Frank Smith (UK)     
George Smith (UK)     
Harry Smith (UK)     
Harry Smith (UK)     
Jack Smith (UK)     
Miff Smith (UK)     
Millie Smith (UK)     
Ossie Smith (UK)     
Percy Smith (UK)     
Ralph Smith (UK)     
Stan Smith (UK)     
Tommy Smith (UK)     
Billie Smithes (UK)     
Pat Smuts (UK)     
Bill Sniderman (UK)     
Anders Solden (UK)     
M. Soler (UK)     
Lionel Soloman (UK)     
Mickey Soloman (UK)     
Debroy Somers (UK)     
Bob Somers (UK)     
Barney Sorkin (UK)     
Les Sourbits (UK)     
Fairy South (UK)     
R. Spalding (UK)     
H. Sparkey (UK)     
Paul Spector (UK)     
Jimmy Spencer (UK)     
Charlie Spinelly (UK)     
Fred Spinelly (UK)     
Louis Spiro (UK)     
Tommy Spring (UK)     
Tony Spurgin (UK)     
J.H. Squire (UK)     
Bob Stainforth (UK)     
Jesse Stamp (UK)     
John Stanger (UK)     
-------- Stanley (UK)     
Albert Stanley (UK)     
Arthur Stanley (UK)     
Norman Stanley (UK)     
Little Joan Stansbury (UK)     
Jerry Stanton (UK)     
Stan Stanton (UK)     
Phil Stanworth (UK)     
Cyril Stapleton (UK)     
Nat Star (UK)     
Al Starita (UK)     
Ray Starita (UK)     
Rudy Starita (UK)     
Muriel Starkie (UK)     
K. Stavordale (UK)     
Marjorie Stedeford (UK)     
Dennis Steele (UK)     
Maurie Stein (UK)     
Leon Steinberg (UK)     
Norman Stenfalt (UK)     
Doreen Stephens (UK)     
David Stephenson (UK)     
Maurice Sterndale (UK)     
Clem Stevens (UK)     
Ernie Stevens (UK)     
Jack Stevens (UK)     
Len Stevens (UK)     
Lew / Leslie Stevenson (UK)     
Donald Stewart (UK)     
Frank Stewart (UK)     
Ian Stewart (UK)     
Maxwell Stewart (UK)     
Tully Stewart (UK)     
Duggie Stimpson (UK)     
Tiny Stock (UK)     
---------- Stoddon (UK)     
Christopher Stone (UK)     
Lew Stone (UK)     
Wally Stott (UK)     
Jock Strachan (UK)     
Art Strauss (UK)     
Lee Street (UK)     
Vic Street (UK)     
Lorna Stuart (UK)     
Don Stuteley (UK)     
Pete Stuteley (UK)     
Jack Styles (UK)     
Sue and her Boy Friends (UK)     
D. Sullivan (UK)     
Eddie Sutcliffe (UK)     
Hector Sutherland (UK)     
Kitty Sutherland (UK)     
Randolph Sutton (UK)     
Hal Swain (UK)     
Doug Swallow (UK)     
George Swift (UK)     
Joseph Swinden (UK)     
Johnny Swinfen (UK)     
Len Swinfenn (UK)     
The Swingtette (UK)     
Charlie Swinnerton (UK)     
Phil Sydney (UK)     
Phil Sylvester (UK)     
The Sylvians (UK)     
David Symonds (UK)