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Name and Details Photograph Other Info.
Bert Hadley (UK)     
Bert Haggerty (UK)     
Steve Hailstone (UK)     
Cliff Haines (UK)     
Dennis Hale (UK)     
Master Richard Hailes (UK)     
Bill Hall (UK)     
Henry Hall (UK)     
Natalie Hall (UK)     
Wally Hall (UK)     
Wilbur Hall (UK)     
R.R. Halle (UK)     
Cyril Halliday (UK)     
Fred Hallom (UK)     
Jack Halsall (UK)     
Charles Hamilton (UK)     
E. Hamilton (UK)     
Ord Hamilton (UK)     
Hamilton Sisters & Fordyce (UK)     
Ben Hammond (UK)     
Bud Hammond (UK)     
Percy Hampton (UK)     
Eric Handley (UK)     
Tommy Handley (UK)     
Jake Hands (UK)     
Eric Hanley (UK)     
Eddie Harding (UK)     
Kay Harding (UK)     
J. Hardy (UK)     
Doris Hare (UK)     
Stanley Hare (UK)     
Maurice Harford (UK)     
Bert Hargest (UK)     
Cyril Harling (UK)     
Paddy Harlow (UK)     
Percy Harper (UK)     
B. Harpin (UK)     
Fred Harricot (UK)     
Eric Harrington (UK)     
A. Harris (UK)     
Albert Harris (UK)     
Charles E. Harris (UK)     
Doreen Harris (UK)     
George Harris (UK)     
Jack Harris (UK)     
Nat Harris (UK)     
Tom Harris (UK)     
Will Harris (UK)     
Ethelwyn Harrison (UK)     
Florence Harrison (UK)     
Juan Harrison (UK)     
Len Harrison (UK)     
Ruth Harrison (UK)     
Billy Hart (UK)     
Jack Hart (UK)     
Tommy Hart (UK)     
Fred Hartley (UK)     
Bill Harly (UK)     
Bud Harvard (UK) Real name Marice Harris according to his nephew Harold Weller.    
Monte Haskins (UK)     
Frank Haviland (UK)     
Jack Hawes (UK)     
Derek Hawkins (UK)     
George Hawkins (UK)     
George Hawkins (UK)     
Taffy Hawkins (UK)     
Jack Hay (UK)     
Fred Hayden (UK)     
Arthur Haydock (UK)     
Arthur Hayes (UK)     
Harry Hayes (UK)     
Martin Hayes (UK)     
Walter Hayward (UK)     
Ella Haywood (UK)     
Arthur Hazell (UK)     
Joyce Head (UK)     
Jim Hearne (UK)     
Harry Hearty (UK)     
Bert Heath (UK)     
Ted Heath (UK)     
Tom Heath (UK)     
A.C. Heather (UK)     
Toni Heaton-Parker (UK)     
Charles Hederer (UK)     
Matt Heft (UK)     
J. Hegerty (UK)     
Sid Heiger (UK)     
Johnny Helfer (UK)     
Cyril Hellier (UK)     
Percy Heming (UK)     
Alf Hemingway (UK)     
Will Hemmings (UK)     
Chick Henderson (UK)     
The Henderson Twins (UK)     
John Hendrick (UK)     
John Henry (UK)     
Leonard Henry (UK)     
Sid Henry (UK)     
Tommy Henry (UK)     
Stan Henshaw (UK)     
Bill Herbert (UK)     
Stan Herbert (UK)     
Frank Herbin (UK)     
Abe Herd (UK)     
Jimmy Heritage (UK)     
The Heron Sisters (UK)     
William Heseltine (UK)     
C.G. Heywood (UK)     
Betty Hickson (UK)     
Billy Higgs (UK)     
H.M. Higgs (UK)     
M.L. "Whitey" Higley (UK)     
Hildegarde (UK)     
John D'Arcy Hildyard (UK)     
Billy Hill (UK)     
Jack Hill (UK)     
Tony Hill (UK) Banjo & Guitar player, Tony Hill (1900 - 1986) was active mainly between 1921 and 1933 during which time he played for Percy Bush at the Oxford Galleries, and also for Leonard Pilbeam, Joe Loss, Geraldo and his Gaucho Tango Band and Don Sesta. Tony's name is not mentioned in Rust & Forbes "British Dance Bands on Record" discography, but it is likely he was on some of the recordings  by Geraldo and Don Sesta in the early 1930s. Tony Hill.jpg (38497 bytes)

More Pictures and Information

Nigel "Cod" Hill (UK)     
Ronnie Hill (UK)     
Weist Hill (UK)     
Edwin Hinchcliffe (UK)     
Arthur Hind (UK)     
Bobbie Hind (UK)     
Percy Hind (UK)     
Harry Hines (UK)     
Tommy Hinsby (UK)     
Louis A. Hirsch (UK)     
Joseph Hislop (UK)     
Joseph Hitchenor (UK)     
Robert Hobson (UK)     
Hank Hobson (UK)     
Jack Hodges (UK)     
Andy Hodgkiss (UK)     
Leon Hodgson (UK)     
Jerry Hoey (UK)     
Henry Hoffman (UK)     
Cecil Hogarth (UK)     
Cyril Hogarth (UK)     
Clarence Holder (UK)     
Reg Holland (UK)     
Les Hollier (UK)     
Stanley Holloway (UK)     
George Holman (UK)     
Ted Holman (UK)     
Fred Holmes (UK)     
Leslie Holmes (UK)     
Sgt Leslie Holmes (Les Brannelly) (UK)     
Shirley Holmes (UK)     
Stanley Holt (UK)     
Harold Hood (UK)     
Eddie Hooper (UK)     
William Hooper (UK)     
George Hopkinson (UK)     
Leonard Hopkinson (UK)     
Leonard Hornsey (UK)     
George Horrocks (UK)     
Alf Horton (UK)     
Fred Horton (UK)     
Anne Howard (UK)     
Bert Howard (UK)     
Bob Howard (UK)     
Geoff Howard (UK)     
Harry Howard (UK)     
Helen Howard (UK)     
Jack Howard (US / UK)
British-born saxophonist and bandleader who returned to England in 1920 (after emigrating to America before WWI), playing in Art Hickman's New York London Five and making a number of recordings for HMV and one for Winner. Then formed his own band to play at the Metropole Hotel in the Midnight Follies, and then at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden in the mid-1920s. Subsequently returned to America. The latter band also recorded for Duophone for their so-called unbreakable series of recordings. Unfortunately, these have proved to be more fragile than normal shellac records, and so are almost impossible to find in playable condition.

More Photographs, information and a full discography

last updated June 7th 2002

Jenny Howard (UK)     
John Howard (UK)     
Ruth Howard (UK)     
Stanley Howard (UK)     
Jack Howarth (UK)     
Val B. Howarth (UK) 
Val Howarth was a classically-trained violinist, but specialised on providing dance bands to play on board cruise liners in the 1920s & 30s.
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Bobby Howe (UK)     
Robert Howe (UK)     
Sid Howe (UK)     
Bobby Howell (UK)     
Bobby Howes (UK)     
Doug Howson (UK)     
Edi Hudson (UK)     
Harry Hudson (UK)     
Phil Hudson (UK)     
Archie Hughes (UK)     
Claude Hughes (UK)     
Frank Hughes (UK)     
Patrick "Spike" Hughes (UK)     
Jack Hull (UK)     
Jack Humphrey (UK)     
Dan Hunt (UK)     
Len Hunt (UK)     
Alberta Hunter (UK)     
Bernard Hunter (UK)     
Jackie "Umbrage" Hunter (UK)     
Monte Hunter (UK)     
Monty Hunter (UK)     
Norman Hunter (UK)     
Laurie Huntingdon (UK)     
Leslie Hurfitt (UK)     
George Hurley (UK)     
Will Hurst (UK)     
Ralph Hussey (UK)     
Bill Hutcheon (UK)     
Bob Hutcheson (UK)     
Fred Hutchings (UK)     
Bob Hutchinson (UK)     
Leslie "Hutch" Hutchinson (UK)     
Leslie "Jiver" Hutchinson (UK)     
Walter Hyatt (UK)     
Alex Hyde (UK)     
Pat Hyde (UK)     
Jack Hylton (UK)     
Mrs Jack Hylton (Ennis Parkes) (UK)