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Name and Details Photograph Other Info.
Bill Lacey (UK)     
Alec Lajoie (UK)     
Nissel Lakin (UK)     
Arthur Lally (UK)     
Jimmy Lally (UK)     
Ivor Lambe (UK)     
Vivien Lambelet (UK)     
Eric Lambert (UK)     
Les Lambert (UK)     
Bob Lamont (UK)     
J. Bodewalt Lampe (UK)     
Con Lamprecht (UK)     
Fred Lancaster (UK)     
Harry Landau (UK)     
Gus Landon (UK)     
Herbert Landoren (UK)     
Arthur Lane (UK)     
Lupino Lane (UK)     
Bert Lang (UK)     
Art Lange (UK)     
Dick Langham (UK)     
Jay Langham (UK)     
Harry Langsman (UK)     
Buddy Langton (UK)     
Will Lanin (USA)     
Walter Larman (UK)     
Berg Larsen (UK)     
Ben Late (UK)     
Fred Latham (UK)     
Harry Lathem (UK)     
George Latimer (UK)     
Jock Laurie (UK)     
Joe Lawlor (UK)     
Brian Lawrance (Australia)     
Ernest Lawrence (UK)     
F. Lawrie (UK)     
Mary Lawson (UK)     
Clem Lawton (UK)     
Ralph Lawton or Laughton (UK)     
Arthur Layfield (UK)     
Ernie Layton (UK)     
Dare Lea (UK)     
Bob Leach (UK)     
Ron Leach (UK)     
Harry Leader (UK)     
Irving Ledor (UK)     
Alf Leah (UK)     
Tom Leamore (UK)     
Alf Lear (UK)     
Jimmy Leary (UK)     
Benny Lee (UK)     
Bill Lee (UK)     
Brian Lee (UK)     
Buddy Lee (USA)     
Eddie Lee (UK)     
Eddie Lee (USA)     
Ernie Lee (UK)     
Joe Lee (USA)     
Mary Lee (UK)     
Len Lee (UK) Violinist (and occasional saxophonist) who was a member of Fred Elizalde's band at the Savoy Hotel in 1928, having previously played at the Empress Rooms (band name unknown). In the Early 1940s he was again at the Savoy, but under Carroll Gibbons direction and subsequently took part in a number of shows for ENSA. Unfortunately, that's all I can find out about him at the moment, but his grandson, Matthew, has provided me with some photographs which you can see by clicking the link on the far right. (NOTE: Arthur Rosebery's drummer & vocalist Len Lees is a different musician.)

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Fred Leeding (UK)     
Doug Lees (UK)     
Len Lees (UK)     
Charles Leggett (UK)     
Reg Leight (UK)     
Anne Lenner (UK)     
Shirley Lenner (UK)     
Jean Lensen (UK)     
R. Lensen (UK)     
Sid Lenton (UK)     
Jack Leon (UK)     
------ Leon (UK)     
Len Leon (UK)     
------- Leonard (UK)     
Queenie Leonard (UK)     
Reg Leopold (UK)     
Victor Leopold (UK)     
A. Leslie (UK)     
Al Leslie (UK)     
Fred Leslie (UK)     
George Leslie (UK)     
Maurice Leslie (UK)     
Eddie Lester (UK)     
Monty Lester (UK)     
Phil Lever (UK)     
Keith Levers (UK)     
Ike Levin (UK)     
Henry Levine (UK)     
Alf Levitt (UK)     
Dan Levy (UK)     
Don Levy (UK)     
Herman Levy (UK)     
Jerry Levy (UK)     
Louis Levy (UK)     
Monty Levy (UK)     
Harry Lewin (UK)     
Max Lewin (UK)     
Nat Lewin (UK)     
Bill Lewington (UK)     
Archie Lewis (UK)     
Bernard Lewis (UK)     
Eddie Lewis (UK)     
Ernie Lewis (UK)     
Harry Lewis (UK)     
Hearne Lewis (UK)     
J. Lewis (UK)     
Mickey Lewis (UK)     
Philip Lewis (UK)     
T. Lewis (UK)     
Idwal Lewys (UK)     
Jack Liberson (UK)     
Alice Lilley (UK)     
Larthur Lilley (UK)     
Janet Lind (UK)     
Eric Linden (UK)     
Barry Lindhorn / Lindoorn (UK)     
Celia Lipton (UK)     
Syd Lipton (UK)     
Eddie Lisbona (UK)     
Pauline Lister (UK)     
Renee Lister (UK)     
Monia Liter (UK)     
Eric Little (UK)     
Tommy Littlewood (UK)     
Jack Llewellyn (UK)     
Cyril Lloyd (UK)     
Benny Loban (UK) Russian-born violinist and bandleader, Benny Loban led a reformed Savoy Orpheans in 1930 before forming his very popular "Music Weavers" the following year. Benny played at the Gaiety Theatre, Ayr and the West End Dance Hall, Birmingham for some years as well as being a member of Debroy Somers Band. Benny has left few recordings for us to judge him by, but the regular mentions in the leading music journals of the day testify to his popularity and, by definition, the high standard of his music. 

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Maurice Loban (UK)     
Bert Lock (UK)     
Billee Lockwood (UK)     
Malcolm Lockyer (UK)     
Alf Loder (UK)     
Brian Lodge (UK)     
Herbert Lodge (UK)     
Rudy Loeffler (UK)     
Ella Logan (UK)     
Eve Lombard (UK)     
Arthur Long (UK)     
Norman Long (UK)     
Wal Longstaff (UK)     
Jimmy Lonie (UK)     
Santiago Lopez (UK)     
Mario "Harp" Lorenzi (UK)     
Jack Lorimer (UK)     
Philip Lorner (UK)     
Syd Loseby (UK)     
Joe Loss (UK)     
The Loss Chords (UK)     
-------- Lotter (UK)     
Arthur Lousley (UK) English trumpet player, born 1904. A timeline of his recorded career is as follows:
Bobby Hind and his London Sonora Band                  January 1925 - May 1925
Leslie Jeffries and his Rialto Orchestra                      August 1925 - February 1926
Dave Caplan & his New Princes' Toronto Band          August 1926 - January 1927
Hal Swain and his New Princes' Orchestra.               January 1927 - August 1927
Leslie Jeffries and his Locarno Orch
(no recordings)   September 1927 - February 1928
Tommy Kinsman and his London Frivolities Band     1928 - 1929
Sir Robert Peel and his Harmony Band                      1929 - 1931 ?
Al Collins and his Berkeley Hotel Orchestra               July 1931 - September 1940
Arthur Lousley.jpg (28878 bytes)

More Photographs and information

Bill Lover (UK)     
Arthur Loveridge (UK)     
Norman Low (UK)     
Pete Low (UK)     
Bob Lowe (UK)     
Jack Lowe (UK)     
Tony Lowry (UK)     
Barney Lubelle (UK)     
------- Lucas (UK)     
Leighton Lucas (UK)     
Paul Lukas (UK)     
Ken Lumb (UK)     
Herbert Lumley (UK)     
Erik Lundquist (UK)     
Doreen Lundy (UK)     
H.J. Lunn (UK)     
Walter Lyme (UK)     
Victor Lyndon (UK)     
Vera Lynn (UK)     
George Lyons (UK)     
Harold Lyons (UK) Saxophonist and dancer, Harold Lyons ,was born in 1899 and joined Syd Roy's Lyrical Five as a founding member, playing soprano & alto saxophone, staying with the growing band until the spring of 1930. At this point he and  two other male dancers, toured as The Crichton Boys with champion Charleston dancer Beryl Evetts. The boys then toured with Gloria Stone (real name Edith Needham) who subsequently married Harold. Harold Lyons 1932.jpg (31804 bytes)

More information about Syd Roy's band (& photos) can be found here