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Name and Details Photograph Other Info.
P. Packard (UK)     
Jack Padbury (UK)     
Laurie Page (UK)     
Vivien Paget (UK)     
George Pallat (UK)     
Palomo (UK)     
Palumbo (UK)     
Jean Paques (UK)     
Norrie Paramor (UK)     
Wilfred Pardoe (UK)     
Jack Parfitt (UK)     
Tom Parham (UK)     
Don Parker (USA/UK)     
J.W. Parker (UK)     
Victor Parker (UK)     
Ennis Parkes (UK)     
Jack Parnell (UK)     
Tony Parr (UK)     
A.W. Parry (UK)     
Len / Leon Patey (UK)     
Lionel Paulus (UK)     
Graham Payn (UK)     
Jack Payne (UK)     
Laurie Payne (UK)     
Norman Payne (UK)     
Sid Peacey (UK)     
Dan Pearce (UK)     
Jack Pearce (UK)     
Len Pearce (UK)     
Vera Pearce (UK)     
Don Pearsall (UK)     
Bob & Alf Pearson (UK)     
F. Pecorini (UK)     
Sir Robert Peel (UK)     
Donald Peers (UK)     
Percy Pegg (UK)     
Fynes Peirson Webber (UK)  see under "Webber"    
Charlie Pemell (UK)     
Len Pemill (UK)     
Ernie Penfold (UK)     
Boris Penker (UK)     
Jack Penn (UK)     
Charles Penrose (UK)     
Eric Percival (UK)     
Alberto Peretti (UK)     
Danny Perri (UK)     
Ben Perrins (UK)     
Harry Perritt (UK)     
Harold Perry (UK)     
Maurice Perry (UK)     
Norman Perry (UK)     
R. Perry (UK)     
Wally Perugia (UK)     
Eddie Pestell (UK)     
Ron Peters (UK)     
Eddie Peterson (UK)     
Joe Peterson (UK)     
H.E. Pether (UK)     
Cecile Petrie (UK)     
Jack Petter (UK)     
Ern Pettifer (UK)     
Fred Phillips (UK)     
Harry Phillips (UK)     
Harry Phillips (UK)     
Jack Phillips (UK)     
Phil Phillips (UK)     
Ralph Phillips (UK)     
Sid Phillips (UK)     
Thea Phillips (UK)     
Van Phillips (UK)     
Woolf Phillips (UK)     
Angelo Piccioni (UK)     
Arnold Pike (UK)     
Ernest Pike (UK)     
Harry Pike (UK)     
Leonard Pilbeam (UK)     
Murray Pilcer (UK)     
Alan Pilling (UK)     
Anthony Pini (UK)     
Eugene Pini (UK)     
Reg Pink (UK)     
Freddy Pitt (UK)     
George Pizzey (UK)     
Jack Plant (UK)     
Sid Plummer (UK)     
Allan Pocock (UK)     
E. O. "Poggy" Pogson (UK)     
Eddie Pola (USA/UK)     
Ernest Polfer (UK)     
Arilley Pollock (UK)     
Danny Polo (UK)     
Norman Pont (UK)     
Dick Poole (UK)     
Gil Port (UK)     
Harry Porter (UK)     
Tommy Porter (UK)     
George Posnack (USA/UK)     
Lon Posta (UK)     
Tich Poster (UK)     
Gillie Potter (UK)     
Jean Pougnet (UK)     
Arthur Powell (UK)     
Bert Powell (UK)     
Charles Powell (UK)     
Dennis Powell (UK)     
Sandy Powell (UK)     
Tiny Powell (UK)     
Jack Powers (UK)     
Eddie Pratt (UK)     
Lou Preager (UK)     
Jack Prendergast (UK)     
Eugene Prentiss (UK)     
Harry Preston (UK)     
Charlie Price (UK)     
Ray Price (UK)     
Sid Price (UK)     
Ronnie Priest (UK) Ronnie was a trumpeter and occasional vocalist who recorded with the bands of Jack White and Geraldo during 1941. In 1950 he played in the 1st Empire Orchestra Royal Film Performance under George Melachrino's direction.

Photo kindly supplied by Ronnie's daughter, Penny.
Ronnie Priest.jpg (42055 bytes)  
Henry Priggin (UK)     
Teddy Prince (UK)     
Teddy Prince (UK)     
Bobby Probst (UK)     
Tommy Pryce (UK)     
Charlie Pude (UK)     
Eddie Pullen (UK)     
Wally Purdie (UK)     
Reg Pursglove. (UK) Reginald Pursglove was a very highly regarded violinist, arranger and bandleader from the 1920s onwards. Here is a time-line of his recording career:
The Boston Orchestra (at the Berkley Hotel, London)    January 1925
The Sylvians (at the Savoy Hotel, London)                    October 1926 - December 1926
The Savoy Orpheans (at the Savoy Hotel, London)       January 1927 - December 1927
Ray Starita & his Ambassadors Club Band                    March 1928 - June 1929
From 1928 onwards, he was very busy free-lancing for bandleaders Ambrose, Jack Payne, Ray Noble and Lew Stone as well as leading his own band from 1930. During and after the second World War he was involved with the BBC's "Music While You Work" radio shows, also making some recordings under his own name for Decca's "Music While You Work" series in 1943 and 1944, and also in 1946 for Regal Zonophone.
Reg Pursglove, sm 1943.jpg (28503 bytes) Click here for more information
Jock Purvis (UK)     
Billy Quarton (UK)     
Cab Quay (UK)     
Chelsea Quealey (USA)     
Stan Quiddington (UK)     
Herb Quigley (UK)     
The Quintette (UK)