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Name and Details Photograph Other Info.
Maurice Iliffe (UK)     
Imeson Family Synphonics (UK)     
Norman Impey (UK)     
Malcolm Ines (UK)     
Peggy Inglis (UK)     
Dan Ingman (UK)     
Charlie Irwin (UK)     
George Ison (UK)     
Claude Ivy (UK)     
Bill Jack (UK)     
Jimmy Jack (UK) Details about drummer Jimmy Jack's career are still a bit scanty. He was a member of The Masterkeys dance band in mid-1934. In 1935, he was present on one recording session for The Six Swingers (directed by George Scott Wood). At the time, this was a studio (recording) group only and Jimmy's presence makes it likely he was in demand for one-off gigs and recording / broadcast work. He was subsequently a member of Billy Thorburn's band when Billy first formed it in 1936 and was with the band for about 6 months. He joined Henry Hall's band in spring 1939, but it is not known how long he was with the band. The family tell me Jimmy led his own band at The Dorchester Hotel (possibly during or after WWII) and he also worked at The Pavilion Hotel in Scarborough. Later in his career, he was the original drummer in the stage show of The Boy Friend at the Wyndham Theatre, London.  
The Jackdaws / Jakdauz (UK)     
George Jackley (UK)     
Bert Jackley (UK)     
Edgar Jackson (UK)     
Ellis Jackson (UK)     
Fred Jackson (UK)     
G.C. Jackson (UK)     
Harry Jackson (UK)     
Jack Jackson (UK)     
Lal Jackson (UK)     
Mindy Jackson (UK)     
Thomas Jackson (UK)     
The Jackson Harmony Trio (UK)     
Alnert Jacobs (UK)     
Bob Jacobs (UK)     
Howard Jacobs (UK)     
Harry Jacobson (UK)     
Jock Jacobson (UK)     
Sidney Jacobson (UK)     
Henry Jacques (UK)     
Jean Jacques (UK)     
Herbert Jaeger (UK)     
Max Jaffa (UK)     
Dick James (UK)     
Lerry Jason (UK)     
Sybil Jason (UK)     
David Java (UK)     
Jock Jay (UK)     
Joe Jeannette (UK)     
Thore Jederby (UK)     
Fred Jeffreys (UK)     
Leslie Jeffries (UK)     
Wilfred James (UK)     
Ed Jenkins (UK)     
Al Jennings (UK)     
Art Jennings (UK)     
Len Jennings (UK)     
Teddy Jepsen (UK)     
Sid Jerome (UK)     
Harry Jimmick (UK)     
Cyril Jochau (UK)     
Don Johnson (UK)     
Frank Johnson (UK)     
Ginger Johnson - see Austin Croom-Johnson (UK)     
Irene Johnson (UK)     
Ken Johnson (UK)     
Laurie Johnson (UK)     
Tommy Johnson (UK)     
George Johnstone (UK)     
Gwen Jones (UK)     
Howard Jones (UK)     
Jack Jones (UK)     
Julian Jones (UK)     
Stanley Jones (UK)     
Trevor Jones (UK)     
Bobby Joy (UK)     
Jack Joy (UK)     
Jack Joy (UK)     
Archibald Joyce (UK)     
Henry Joyce (UK)     
Jack Joyce (UK)     
Taylor Joyce (UK)     
Teddy Joyce (UK)     
Les Julian (UK)     
June (UK)     
------- Jurgensen (UK)     
Alfie Kahn (UK)     
Dave Kahn (UK)     
Harry Kahn (UK)     
Leo Kahn (UK)     
Alan Kane (UK)     
Bob Kane (UK)     
Peter Kane (UK)     
Alf Kaplan (UK)     
Harry Karr (UK)     
Maurice Kasket (UK)     
Charles Katz (UK)     
Joe Kay (UK)     
Cyril Kaye (UK)     
Dave Kaye (UK)     
Edna Kaye (UK)     
Harry Kaye (UK)     
Joe Kaye (UK)     
Kel Keech (UK)     
Benny Keene (UK)     
Gladys Keep (UK)     
Annette Keith (UK)     
Tommy Keith (UK)     
Alec Kellaway (UK)     
Jim Kelleher (UK)     
Jackie Keller (UK)     
Lilian Kelly (UK)     
Doug Kemp (UK)     
Jimmy Kennedy (UK)     
Pat Kennedy (UK)     
George Kenneth (UK)     
Ken Kenny (UK)     
Betty Kent (UK)     
Frank Kenyon (UK)     
Frank Kerslake (UK)     
Max Kester (UK)     
Albert W. Ketelby (UK)     
Frank Kettlewell (UK)     
Bobby Kevin (UK)     
Nelson Keys (UK)     
Master David Kidd (UK)     
Reg Kilby (UK)     
Frank Kilduff (UK)     
Bertie King (UK)     
Kelix King (UK)     
Irene King (UK)     
Joe King (UK)     
Miff King (UK)     
Steve King (UK)     
Marjorie Kingsley (UK)     
Tom Kinniburgh (UK)     
Tommy Kinsman (UK)     
George Kirby (UK)     
John Kirby (UK)     
Ivor Kirchin (UK)     
Sid Kirchin (UK)     
Stanley Kirkby (UK)     
Bill Kirkpatrick (UK)     
Pat Kirkwood (UK)     
Fred Kitchen (UK)     
CHarles Knapp (UK)     
Tich Knapp (UK)     
Stuart Knassen (UK)     
Edwin Knight (UK)     
Nobby Knight (UK)     
Victor Knight (UK)     
Jack Knowles (UK)     
Eddie Kolis or Kollis - see Eddie Collis (UK)     
Erich Korngold (UK)     
Alec Kosky (UK)     
Jack Kosky (UK)     
Joe Kosky (UK)     
Carlo Krahmer (UK)     
Sid Kreeger (UK)     
Michael Krein (UK)     
Sid Kruger (UK)     
Fred Kruse (UK)     
Charlie Kunz (UK)     
Billy Kyle (UK)     
Dick Kyte (UK)     
Sydney Kyte (UK)