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Name and Details Photograph Other Info.
Patrick Waddington (UK)     
William Wagner (UK)     
Fred Waite (UK)     
Cecil Walden (UK)     
Shirley Waldron (UK)     
Bill Walker (UK)     
Francis Walker (UK)     
Johnny Walker (UK)     
Willie Walker (UK)     
Charlie Wall (UK)     
Dave Wallace (USA)     
Hubert Wallace (UK)     
Jack Wallace (UK)     
Bert Waller (UK)     
Roy Wallis (UK)     
Wally Wallond (UK)     
Joe Walmesky (UK)     
Freddie / Frank Walsh (UK)     
Abe Walters (UK)     
Danny Walters (UK)     
Doug Walters (UK)     
Jim Walton (UK)     
Cliff Ward (UK)     
Leo Ward (UK)     
Tommy Ward (UK)     
Tom Wareing (UK)     
Jack Warne (UK)     
Ken Warner (UK)     
Alan Warren (UK)     
Betty Warren (UK)     
Milford Warren (UK)     
Norman Warren (UK)     
George Dewey Washington (USA)     
Capt F Waterhouse (UK)     
Arthur Watkins (UK)     
Frank Watson (UK)     
Freddy Watson (UK)     
Jimmy Watson (UK)     
Loe Watson (UK)     
Les Watson (UK)     
Ron Watterson (UK)     
Phil Watts (UK)     
Ernie Weaver (UK)     
Fynes Peirson Webber (UK) Born near Daventry, played the organ in church at the age of eleven - musical scholarship to Dundee. Studied organ at Dundee with Clement Spurling. Pianist to the String Band in the RAFY. Saxophonist to Central Band RAF.
Pianist and saxophonist 1926-27-28 in New Princes Restaurant dance band directed by Hal Swain and Alfredo. Organist at late Cafe Royal for solo work and dancing. Organist, Empire Leicester Square and Litchburg, Essen.
Fynes Pierson Webber.jpg (36546 bytes)  
Gilbert Webster (UK)     
Tom Webster (UK)     
Tom Webster (UK)     
George Weeden (UK)     
Melle Weersma (Netherlands)     
Frank Weir (UK)     
Freddy Welsh (UK)     
Tom Wenham (UK)     
Fuzz West (UK)     
The Western Brothers (UK)     
Thore Westlund (UK)     
Len Weatherley (UK)     
George Wettling (UK)     
Tom Whalley (UK)     
Albert Whelan (UK/Australia) Entertainer Albert Whelan may be an unlikely candidate for a dance band article, but he did sing on a few dance band records; one solitary side each of Stan Greening (as Duophone Dance Band) and Arthur Lally plus a handful with various Jay Wilbur combinations.
The Australian entertainer was born in 1875, in Melbourne, but he seems to have spent most, if not all, of his professional life in England. He was working in this country by 1910, when he started recording for Jumbo Records. They were a mixture of popular and comedy songs and this seemed to set the pattern for the rest of his recording career.
He made quite a number of records for Jumbo between 1910 and 1914. By the late 1920s he was recording for Imperial, then for Victory and Eclipse. During the 1930s he was a frequent radio broadcaster as the
photograph from a 1938 Radio Pictorial proves. He died in 1962.
Albert Whelan, 1938 RP.jpg (37060 bytes)  
Pat Whelan (UK)     
Roy Whetstein (UK)     
W.C. Whilden (UK)     
Jay Whidden (UK)     
Bill Whinnie (UK)     
The Whisperers (UK)     
John Whitaker (UK)     
Arthur White (UK)     
Arthur White (UK)     
Billy White (UK)     
Fred White (UK)     
Jack White (UK)     
Jack White (UK)     
Jay White (UK)     
Jerry White (UK)     
Jimmy White (UK)     
Joe White (UK)     
Sid White (UK)     
Ted White (UK)     
Tom White (UK)     
Tommy Whitefoot (UK)     
James Whitehead (UK)     
Donald Whitelaw (UK)     
Bert Whitham/Whittam (UK) Pianist and Accordionist Bert Whitham (or Whittam) played (and recorded) in Maurice Winnick's band in 1932-33, Sydney Kyte's band in 1935-36 and Jack Payne's band (1937-40) as well as making records with Howard Jacob's band in 1937. By the late 1950s, Bert was working as an accompanist, being mentioned as accompanying Petula Clark in some concerts in 1958.    
Jack Whiting (UK)     
Eric Whitley (UK)     
Bert Whittaker (UK)     
Duncan Whyte (UK)     
Barry Wicks (UK)     
Brian Wicks (UK)     
Cecil Wicks (UK)     
Herbert Wiere (UK)     
Fred Wigston (UK)     
Jay Wilbur (UK)     
Joe Wilbur (USA)     
Ernie Wild (UK)     
Harry Wild (UK)     
Walter Wilde (UK)     
George Wilder (UK)     
William Wilder (UK)     
Charlie Wileman (UK)     
Dave Wilkins (UK)     
Arthur Wilkinson (UK)     
Alec Williams (UK)     
Art Williams (UK)     
Bud Williams (UK)     
David Williams (UK)     
Frank Williams (UK)     
Freddy Williams (UK)     
George Williams (UK)     
Jimmy Williams (UK)     
Les Williams (UK)     
Major Williams (UK)     
Nora Williams (UK)     
Peter Williams (UK)     
Ralph Williams (UK)     
Ray Williams (UK)     
Reginald Williams (UK)     
Rita Williams (UK)     
Sydney Williams (UK)     
Claude Williamson (UK)     
Harry Williamson (UK)     
Sydney Williamson (UK)     
Jimmy Willis (UK)     
Bertha Willmott (UK)     
Bob Willoughby (UK)     
Phil Willoughby (UK)     
Dick Willows (UK)     
Arthur Wilson (UK)     
Bert Wilson (UK)     
Dave Wilson (UK)     
Ernest "Slim" Wilson (UK)     
Frank Wilson (UK)     
Frank Wilson (UK)     
Garland Wilson (UK)     
Harry Wilson (UK)     
Jack Wilson (UK)     
Jim Wilson (UK)     
Jock Wilson (UK)     
Percival Wilson (UK)     
Ralph Wilson (UK)     
Stan Wilson (UK)     
Sydney Wilson (UK)     
Tommy Wilson (UK)     
Bert Wilton (UK)     
Basil Wiltshire (UK)     
Corelli Windeatt (UK)     
George Windeatt (UK)     
Oliver Winder (UK)     
Wally Windsor (UK)     
Benny Winestone (UK)     
Harold Winfield (UK)     
Anona Winn (UK)     
Bob Winnette (UK)     
Maurice Winnick (UK)     
Percy Winnick (UK)     
Teddy Winser (UK)     
Eric Winstone (UK)     
Charlie Winter (UK)     
Manny Winter (UK)     
Marius B. Winter (UK)     
Tiny Winters (UK)     
Bob Wise (UK)     
David Wise (UK)     
Eddie Wishlade (UK)     
Frank Witeriol (UK)     
Marcel Wittrisch (UK)     
Donald Wolfstahl (UK)     
F. Wolfstahl (UK)     
Ronnie Wolfstahl (UK)     
Andrew Wolkowski (UK)     
Arthur Wood (UK)     
Eddie Wood (UK)     
Fred Wood (UK)     
Lt. F. Wood (UK)     
Harry Wood (UK)     
Peggy Wood (UK)     
Ted Wood (UK)     
Cliff Woodbridge (UK)     
Cecil Woods (UK)     
Charlie Woods (UK)     
Frank Woods (UK)     
Cyril Wookey (UK)     
Monty Woolf (UK)     
Jow Woolhough (UK)     
Jimmy Wornell (UK)     
Ed Worsley (UK)     
Bert Worth (UK)     
Joy Worth (UK)     
Clarence Wright (UK)     
George Wright (UK)     
Mavis Wright (UK)     
Sid Wright (UK)     
Simon Wurm (UK)     
Dan Wyllie (UK)     
Joe Wyndham (UK)     
Bert Yarlett (UK)     
Norman Yarlett (UK)     
Alan Yates (UK)     
Fred Yates (UK)     
Claude B Yearsley (UK)     
Peter Yorke (UK)     
Billy Yorston (UK)     
Kay Yorston (UK)     
Bert Youall (UK)     
Al Young (UK)     
Arthur Young (UK)     
Bobby Young (UK)     
Joe Young (UK)     
Leo Young (UK)     
Alf Zafer (UK)     
Dave Zafer (UK)     
Maurice Zafer (UK)     
Jan Zalsky (UK)     
Anne Ziegler (UK)     
Sid Ziegler (UK)     
Adolph Zimbler (UK)     
Leon Zimbler (UK)    
Maurice Zimbler (UK)